•  Topless  토플리스 – 

    (portrait of Namjoo H.)                            (120 X 43 cm)          2017 © CharLes

topless cutAnd I thought of Mom. I wondered, how did Mom feel all those years in that old-fashioned kitchen, cooking for our big family? Remember how much we ate? We had two small tables filled with food. Remember how big our rice pot was? And she had to pack all for our lunches, including the side dishes she made with whatever she could get from the country side… How did Mom get through it everyday? Since Father was the eldest, there was always a relative or two staying with us. I don’t think Mom could have liked being in the kitchen at all.”

You were caught off guard. You had never thought of Mom as separate from the kitchen. Mom was the kitchen and the kitchen was Mom. You never wondered, did Mom like being in the kitchen?

 extract of Please look after Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin edition VINTAGE

(verre spectrum irisé et miroir taillé main, oil painting iridescent copper Williamsburg, pigments Terre verte et Bleu outremer foncé SENNELIER )

on music Das Vögelchen  by Isang Yun (1984) au violon Ju Young Baek. 



Dialogue nocturne sous Bougainvillea (Castor et Pollux) –                           (Portrait Behnaz G.)


Dialogue nocturne sous Bougainvillea by CharLes Mai 17

The mirror is a symbol of water in Iran. Water is bright and reflects light, so it is a sign of light and life.

When I discovered the mirror mosaics, I realized that nothing is done spontaneously; it is all a calculation of geometry and design. If you divide a circle at three points, it will be a triangle. In Islamic design the triangle is the intelligent human being. In Islamic Sufism, the soul is the mirror of the divine.

There is a secret behind every one of my works.

by Monir Shahoudry Farmanfarmaian




(17 X 63 cm)          2017 © CharLes

(verre Bismark, spectrum et miroir taillé main, gold poster color sakura, pigments Terre verte et Laque d’Alizarine rouge SENNELIER )

on Journey to Eternity music by Shahram Nazeri




– Homard coquet jouant au Koné – (portrait of Noa, Thomas and Maxime de K.)


Portrait kids de Kerchove by CharLes Aout16

Vitrail Tiffany (57,6 X 32,2 cm)                                                                           2016 © CharLes

(verre Bismark, mousseux, cathédrale, spectrum semi-transparent taillé main) on « Moonshine » music by Alexandre Desplat




– ABSOLUTE BLUETY – (Portrait of Zeljka Z.)

Tesselles de verre (7X7) opalescent Bismark et mirror taillé main (65 X 117 cm)

2015 © CharLes

On Piano Sonata No. 6 Op. 82: Tema S Varijacijama                               Music composed by Milko Kelemen and played by Ivo Pogorelić



After Dinner  – Portrait of Etienne M.

Tesselles de verre opalescent Spectrum, Bismark, Kokomo et miroir taillé main (60 X 70 cm)

2015 © Mlle CharLes

« Ah, che bel sogno una donna con me, ha un buon profumo di caffè

Bevo un caffè per amore, come se fosse un’amore

bevo un caffè con fragore

mi sento un vero signore

bevo un caffè da aviatore che sta ascoltando un motore

bevo un caffè come viene

è un caffè che mi appartienne

 E tu si, a chi appartieni tu? »

by Paolo Conte




Innamorarsi – Portrait of Nick and Sylvia C-VR

Tesselles de verre opalescent Spectrum, Bullseye, murano et miroir taillé main (195 X 126 cm)

Etude de « La Bohémienne Endormie »        d’Henri ROUSSEAU

2013 © Mlle CharLes



C’est l’histoire d’un lion qui tombe Amoureux d’une bohémienne
Elle dort, mais il sent qu’elle a froid et vient la Réchauffer.
Quand elle se réveillera, elle chantera pour Lui.
Elle est de nature vivante, lui est Réservé.
Il voudrait être comme Elle,
Elle comme Lui.





– il Lupo – Portrait famille F-G

Tesselles de verre et miroir (105 X 95 cm)

Etude des « Trois Musiciens »

de Pablo PICASSO

2012 © Mlle CharLes






Ti AspettoPortrait Famille P-F

Tesselles de verre (136 X 88 cm)

Etude du « Rêve »


2003 © Mlle CharLes



by CharLes





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